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Driving with unwavering passion and faultless poetic observations on life and the world around him, Italian-English songwriter Gianni Spano and his band are gearing up to release a new project of uniquely immersive originals.


Taking full advantage of poetic symbolism and crystal clear imagery alike, Gianni’s songwriting offers a compelling journey through various profound and powerful moments in time.


Blending genres in a natural and engaging manner, his sound and style lean back and forth between progressive and contemporary rock, with hints of jazz, folk and experimental yet organic sound design working their way in artistically throughout.


Proceeding to provoke thought and liberate the minds of his listeners, Gianni’s lyrics paint melancholic yet romantic images around his audience. These compelling, considerate scenes and ideas are given further strength and character by his unmistakably unique vocal delivery. It’s a voice that’s easily recognizable, decidedly emotive, and clearly authentic to its core.


Combining elements of mystery with accessible references to life and the role of the self, his songs ignite a fire in listeners that prompts them to draw upon their own experiences in a personal and powerful way.


Thanks to supreme and skillful musicianship, the music gives each piece a timeless and entrancing quality, which shines brightly within its own creative realm, and works hard to engage and connect with audiences far and wide.


The singer and songwriter, currently based in Switzerland, is in the process of finishing up his brand new album.

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